TNT Team Ride May 9th, 2015.

Hi All,

Yesterday, Saturday May 9th, I road with the LLS TNT Cycle Team from the Greater Bay Area again.  The ride was awesome!  Tough at times, but awesome!  Here’s the route we took:

Here’s a video with some clips from the ride… the long one is a fairly fast descent 🙂

Unfortunately, my GPS froze for a while about half way through the ride so I don’t have the real time statistics.

We started in Half Moon Bay, road down the coast on Hwy 1 about 24 miles, then turned inland and did a big loop through absolutely stunning coastal farmland and redwoods.  The ride was a bit over 65 miles with over 4000 feet of elevation gain & loss.

Just prior to this ride I’d had a new crankset (front gears) put on my bike.  Some people think it’s a bit silly but I now have a full mountain bike gear setup.  I was able to take the steepest hills at about 4 MPH while still maintaining a pedal cadence of 80 rpm.  I really liked it.  With this new setup I did have to shave about 12% off of my high end gear but the good news is that I also cut my low gear by 26%.  For someone like me, who never has and never will race, that’s a great tradeoff.

On these training rides I’ve been trying out various accessories that I thought might be good for the event.  Here’s a brief rundown / review:

1)  Handlebar mounted phone enclosure – Works great!  I’ve been using it strictly for music but it could be used for navigation as well.  So far, I have not had any problem with battery life with music playing the whole way.

2)  AudioPlux Helmet Speaker – Awesome and inexpensive.  These are very, very small speakers that mount to the outside of your helmet near your ears.  You can plug them directly into your phone or into a usb receiver.  They allow you to listen to music while still being able to hear traffic and conversations.  They are not earplugs so they’re not illegal to use while riding.

3)  Cat Ears – Great!  These are simple fake fur strips that attach to your helmet straps in front of you’re ears.  They reduce wind noise significantly!  They work!

4)  Handlebar mount for GoPro camera… Hmmmm… not so sure on this one.  One time the mounting screws came loose even though I’d treated them with LocTite and every time I’ve tried recording segments of a ride I end up with unreliable starting and stopping of the video.  I think that trying to push the start button while riding often results in a double push due to vibration and the same is true for stopping.  So, I might think that I was creating a 2 minute clip followed by another 2 minute clip a half hour later but what I end up with is a 2 minute clip followed by a half hour clip, followed by yet another long, unintended clip (some longer than an hour).

I’m not sure there’s a better solution for the GoPro but will keep looking.

5)  Handlebar Mount for GPS – Perfect!

6)  Garmin 810 GPS – Great (when it works).  It lets me look at a map, get turn by turn directions, and all the usual riding statistics.  It’s only hiccuped on me once and unfortunately that was on this ride.  I ended up having to turn the unit off and back on again to un-freeze it.

7)  Mio LINK heart rate wrist band – Love it!  I hate wearing chest straps so based on several reviews tried this wirst band heart rate monitor and it works great almost all the time.  A few times it has slipped down my wrist and stopped reading correctly but that’s easy to notice and fix.

So, all in all, other than the issue with starting and stopping the GoPro, I’m pretty pleased with my setup and I think I’m ready to capture the AMERICA’S MOST BEAUTIFUL BIKE RIDE!

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