Changes Coming

UPDATE: 3/24/17

I have finally found, and changed, the setting that was blocking forum attachments from visitors who were not signed in (like pictures, etc).  Now, all visitors should be able to see content attached to forum posts.


UPDATE: 3/19/17

Finally!!! after hours of study and trial and error, I think I have the login issue solved.  Tomorrow I’ll get back to working on the new weather setup.

UPDATE: 3/18/17

Temporary fix… if you use the URL your login status might be maintained… working on a more permanent fix.

Whoops… something has made it difficult / impossible to stay logged in.  Sorry about that!

  1.  BigTreesTech is now at  You may not have to change anything but you may have to log in again.
  2.   After spending over an hour with our web host’s tech support yesterday I finally got them to remove the software they had installed that was causing real time images to not get updated on your browser.  After you to a refresh on your browser, you should start getting the updated images.
  3.   In preparation for some major changes I have eliminated the Local Webcams, Lube Room, and Alternate Forums pages. Continue reading