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    I noticed that Delos Insurance Solutions was advertising heavily on the thepinetree.net as a provider of insurance in wildfire/brush regions. Their ad contact information was http://www.getdelos.com/calaveras (415) 935-3244.

    There is also FAIR Plan which is an insurer of last resort funded by every insurance company doing business in California–an insurance pool. Not sure if the property needs to be a primary residence or not. This is usually offered through independent insurance agents.

    Just some ideas. Hope they pan out.



    Thanks, Ward. FYI, I just called and they told me that they are NOT insuring up there unless you are an existing customer.



    I had good luck with Black Bear insurance last year when it was impossible for me to get insurance.

    Dewaine Jackson, PhD, Lic # 0F35244
    Black Bear Insurance Services, Lic # 0H64771
    An Affiliate of Professional Insurance Associates, Inc.
    90 Copper Cove Dr Suite E
    Copperopolis CA 95228
    Ph. 209-785-1800
    Fax 209-785-1820
    E-mail: ddj4ins@caltel.com
    Web: http://www.BlackBearInsSvcs.com



    Call Wayne Weathers at State Farm
    1-650-615-0351 met with him on Tuesday and he said he is insuring property in BT and SSS. Tell him Ward referred you.



    I just received the same notice about two weeks ago. The insurance wants no trees 100’ from structure and 10’ clearance between branches of individual trees. Unless I cut down all the trees on my place plus both neighbors properties I can’t get it to work. They are also talking about the propane tank too close to the house. There is nowhere left to put it except underground. My agent is running up all his available flagpoles but no hits yet.



    We just received a notice of non-renewal for fire insurance on our cabin.

    Anyone have a recommendation on an agent/insurance company?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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